29. Jan, 2019


Hi.Where,roughly in Scotland are you based and have you terry towelling nappies?

30. Mar, 2018

Barry l

Hi id love to visit the nursery the last week in April if available ? Could you please email me on barrylynch27@gmail.com

24. Oct, 2017


My first visit to Liverpool and to this lovely homely nursery. Was here at the nursery long enough to get involved with lots of 'craftwork' which often resulted in lots of laughs ! Most impressed by mummy's magnificent collection of pooh bears. A highlight
was 'story time' and 'mummy' can be assured that I will be returning again soon !

16. Aug, 2017


Had a great time in the nursery! Would recommend this to any adult baby/sissy out there looking for some quality mummy time!

23. Jul, 2017

Jan IJpma

Hi I want to make a new appointment on 23 november for a spanking session I know it is far away but then I am in Liverpool please can u send me a email for okay I also want a shopping with u

11. Jul, 2017


I am a sissy baby toddler and I would love to be invited to attend a birthday party with lots of other AB's and sissies with a strict nanny supervising the proceedings. The humiliation of having my wet nappy changed by nanny if front of all the other AB
and sissy guests is my idea of heaven.

18. Apr, 2017



Good morning mummy, last night was amazing

16. Apr, 2017


Loved being in reins and having them on in the cot nanny made me feel really at home would love to have a 45 inch highhair so i could sit in it